Our engineering is a company dedicated to design and manufacturing prototype and serial moulds for the thermoplastic blowing. 

Over 25 years experience in mould making for technical blow moulds, and automation and integration mechanisms as standar practice, permits us to offer to our customers the concept of the part, the engineering of the process, mould manufacturing and mould trials to go from initial concept to market. We use the latest technology to offer the best solutions to our customers, helping to optimize production cycles, reducing investments and maintenance of the moulds. 

The projects we design have the best technology incorporated as the in-mold systems for improving the production process. These systems allow a reduction of investment in the post-process parts, less occupation of space layout and reduces labor cost. With In-mold systems we get an increase in quality and finish of th parts and all within the same cycle of blowing.

Our daily commitment is our customer’s satisfaction. The high competition of the market we are working for pushes us offering the maximum our capacity in order to offer the highest level on quality essential for every company looking for leadership in the market.

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